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Field Trip To The Trash Collection Department

May 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Pictures, Video

FieldTrip1005 04

Friday, Campbell and Mara got to go on a little field trip that Lisa setup for Campbell. She did all the legwork to find out where they could go to visit the city garbage trucks. Don’t ask me how, but she got connected to Mister Henry in City of Greensboro Field Operations, specifically the Trash Collection Department and he allowed them to come visit for a little tour. I have no idea if they do this normally or not, for school classes or what, but they did it yesterday for Campbell!

They got a tour of their garbage truck parking area and got to see all different types of trucks. Then they took a look at the garbage truck in detail.

FieldTrip1005 09

Big driver.

FieldTrip1005 24

Just like the pros.

Mister Henry showed them the ins and outs of a real garbage truck. Campbell got to see some of what he usually plays with as toys, in real life action.

Garbage Truck 2 Video
Garbage Truck 2 Video
60.1 MB / Time 0:32

Here are two other videos of their tour if you are interested.

Garbage Truck 1 Video
26.8 MB / Time 0:14

Garbage Truck 3 Video
44.2 MB / Time 0:23

This has to be one of those times that you are just amazed at how nice some people can be to take time out of their jobs to make a special day for a little kid. Government connection or not, this was just superb service for any business to do. And many, many thanks to Lisa for the thought and creativity to create this experience for him. We are very lucky.

FieldTrip1005 21

He just loved it!

Click through any of the pictures to see the whole set.


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  • 1 Ramona // May 18, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    Campbell & Mara, Aunt Monie learned a lot about trash pickup in your blog! It’s really cool the way they pick up those trash cans. There’s lots of money in refuse. Maybe someday you will own your own solid waste collection chain! The pictures and videos of you two put a BIG SMILE on my face! Sending hugs.

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