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Favorite Things

September 23rd, 2009 · 3 Comments · Pictures

For those of you who don’t know Campbell all that well because you don’t get to see him, you might not know what he likes and he doesn’t like. He likes the color green best. In fact, he has never wavered on that. He likes his best buddy Bubba that he sleeps with every night. But what he may be most infatuated with is trash cans. And running up a close second to that is vacuums. This has been the case since he was a little little boy. If we are out for a walk, he points out the trash cans in the neighbor’s drive way. Mondays are his favorite day because that is trash day around these here parts. Watch out, if there is a trash can tipped over on trash day, Campbell just might run outside to try and pick it up.


Trash can heaven.

This boy was born to clean. There is something about it, because he will help you out whenever you want. And his favorite tool for the job? A vacuum. He will bowl you over if you get in his way in Home Depot on the way to the vacuum section. Once, we were in Sears and we turned the corner to appliances and it was like the holy grail. “Vacuums!!! Red ones, and purple ones, and black ones, and…” We had to sedate him.


Whoa! Vacuums on green? That’s like chocolate and peanut butter.

Mom was nice enough to help him make these collages one weekend. He loved it and was proud to pose with them.


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  • 1 Ramona // Sep 23, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    Campbell, you may take your passion to a larger scale someday and become an environmental engineer and help to keep the whole earth clean!

    I love your collages…lot of fun to make, I bet.

    Love, G-Auntie Mona & G-Uncle George

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