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King’s Weekend

June 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Pictures, Video

Yes, of course I could have called it guy’s weekend, since Mara and Mom are off to VA. But that would be so 2000 and late. Plus, King’s weekend is much more representative of how Campbell and I roll when we have the house to ourselves.

We started off with bfast at Mickey D’s. By the way, whoever invented the McGriddle is a genius. Campbell stuck with the classic hotcakes. I think they’re just yellow cake batter in the shape of a pancake. He’s a growing boy and needs to eat well.

Kings090606 03

In the McD atrium.

Next we worked it all off at the playground. How many calories do you burn riding on the swing?

Kings090606 06

Swinging is hard work.

Next Daddy went to workout. I forgot pictures of Campbell screaming his head off in the gym daycare, but it wasn’t pretty. Actually it only lasted about 2 minutes they tell me, all until they put on the movie, Cars.

After cleaning up we went out to lunch. Campbell picked it. Red Robin (good choice).

Kings090606 10

A King’s feast.

After lunch it is always nap time. Kings need their rest.

So, after nap, what is the right thing to do? That’s right. Back to the playground.

Kings090606 13

So many toys, so little time.

I think you get the picture. What other random things do Kings do, when left to run the castle?

Kings090606 16

They don’t clean up after themselves.

Kings090606 15

Yes, they do chores.

BoomBoom Dance Video

They dance.

BoomBoom Dance Video
8.0 MB / Time 1:42
Editor’s note: Although it seems that the Batman shirt is Campbell’s dancing shirt, or that he wears it all the time due to the frequency on this blog, we assure you it is not the case. But he does like it.

Kings090606 18

Brush their teeth (but don’t floss, sorry mom).

Kings090606 19

Watch Madagascar Penguin DVDs and laugh.

A very full day!


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  • 1 Ramona // Jun 7, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    This is creative and fun to watch; and, Campbell, I love your moves! You’ve got it! Auntie Mona

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