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My Little Comedian

January 20th, 2008 · No Comments · Pictures

Today Campbell has cracked me up just about all day. So much so I couldn’t let the day slip by without sharing some of my laughs!
Mara, Campbell and myself went to Target. This was one of those rare occasions where Mara actually wanted to sit in the buggy. The only place she fits when we all go is the big back part. Campbell sits up front near me in the buggy. I guess what she was doing was so interesting that today Campbell has decided he no longer wants to sit facing forward with his legs out the holes. Instead he gradually over time got his legs out and then eventually decided he full fledged stand up facing backwards to see what was going on. It was hysterical. A guy in the store caught sight of him doing it and was watching him laugh just like me. I put my hands on him so he wouldn’t fall out. The only way he was happy for the rest of our time there was pretty much standing facing backward in the front part of the cart! What a sight to see. I held onto him the whole time so he wouldn’t fall out. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of this to share. Who knew I’d need my camera at Target!

After we got home and ate lunch I put the kids down for nap. Campbell woke up earlier than Mara which is typical. He was crying for me to come get him which he does about 50% of the time upon waking from naps but usually it’s more like a whine than a cry. I went in and what a sight. He had some how maneuvered his one arm (right) out of his long sleeved shirt and was none to pleased about it. As you can see I was a bad mommy and took full advantage of the funny scene with the camera instead of immediately rescuing him. I also got some crocodile tears on film. Poor thing. This is not the first time he has gotten out of his clothes at nap either. Lisa, got him on film one day (12/12/07) out of his red long sleeved shirt. I’ll find that and post it here too!

IMG 1710

Look what I’ve done, please help me now!

IMG 1575

Didn’t bother me the first time I figured out to escape my shirt

Lastly, after I got the little stinker up from his nap I thought I’d plop him down on our laundry room floor to pull out and fold some clothes that just got finished drying. As you can see here the little guy is into helping out with the task at hand. He has been pulling up like crazy on anything he can and the dryer suited him quite well today to practice his new favorite skill. Why does he grab this of all things to help out with? I won’t explain who they belong to I’m sure you can guess.

IMG 1717

Now that I pulled up here lets see what is in this thing

IMG 1716

Let me see if mom sees what I’ve gotten hold of here

IMG 1714

Look what I found mommy!

As usual you should be able to click on any of the pictures to see the full album of shots taken.


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