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Campbell’s Mystery Illness

July 29th, 2007 · No Comments · Doctor, General

The week before Campbell’s two month check-up (mid June) we thought he might be getting sick. The next week he had his check-up including all his vaccinations and then the following week we were at the pediatricians again because he was breathing rapidly and we thought we were hearing some wheezing. The first day the doctor didn’t hear it but wanted to see him again the following day. She heard it this time. We couldn’t really figure out what might be causing it though. He was coughing some too and very mildly congested. It’s not really RSV season and she thought he’d be too young to be showing signs of Asthma, which I have. She gave him a round of antibiotics, Zithromax.
I had been sick right before him and mentioned this to the doctor so she thought he might have whatever respiratory infection I had. She had originally said at his 2 month appt. that he probably would not catch anything from me because I was breastfeeding him and he was getting my antibodies to whatever I had. Long story short, a couple of weeks past and he seemed better but not well. Then when we were driving home after visiting Jen and Conan’s for Grace’s Christening, he seemed to have another spell of the rapid breathing in the car. We saw the pediatrician the following three days and it was decided he needed a round of oral steriods to clear up his lungs as well as a nebulizer treatment of Xopenex (.31mg) to open him up for easier breathing. We also got scheduled to see a pediatric allergist. Her conclusions were much the same and he was getting better. She decided we should start some nebulizer Pulmicort and discontinue Xopenex unless needed. We saw her a week later again for a follow-up and Campbell sounded much better. She couldn’t even hear a wheeze at this point. We now have another appointment in one month to make sure he is still doing well.
It’s been tough worrying about our little guy and his breathing, wheezing and coughing! He’s been such a trooper. His demeanor would certainly not indicate he was ill in any way. Here is a picture of him below smiling with his nebulizer mask on while getting a treatment. The other pictures (be sure to click on any to see all of them) are just adorable ones that we’ve snapped. Those dimples get me everytime!

IMG 1055

IMG 1054

IMG 1046


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